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Joy Art Reviews

I loved how crystal clear the resin is.. Looks so much like glass
I used ur resin and i loved it. It mixed up smoth and no bubbles. I did not use the heart gun at all. And must say very clear

Actually honestly I am in love with joy art Resin..

It give that flawless finish.

I finished my first bottles and I have ordered the second from Amazon…. You resin is really amazing ❤️ definitely not gonna switch to other resin ❤️

Quality of resin is v good.. I really loved it… especially the curing n gloss

I used joy art resin for the first time but I’m really happy with it.. perfect finish and gloss and also no air bubbles. There was no smell of any fumes also after mixing…!
Going to use it more often now..

Your resin is soo good yaa.. It works like a magic..No bubbles and very clear ❤️Just in love with it🥰

I really liked it, it is so clear and the bubbles pop on their own, and the shine ig gives omg, I am in love. Will order more resin very soon❤️

Hey i didn’t get the time to review your speed resin…being a frontline worker i am not feeling like creating anything… but i tried your resin and i am in love with it..its so shiny… clear… and it cures so fast which is big yay for ke coz i live in really cold place and resin takes a lot time to cure… and i am so happie with speed resin..i just cant thank you enough for creating such good quality product…5 Stars from my side

Your resin is the Best I have ever used ❤️ its crystal clear.. m loving working with speed resin 🥰🥰🥰

Hi dear.. I tried the resin.. It’s realllyyyy amazing and loved it sooo much 💕🤗🤗 it’s so shining and crystal clear 💕 ✨ I will surely but more from you✨❤️ seriously loved it.. There hardly some bubbles forming.. Overall it’s really great❤️

I m so happy that I reached out to you at first itself.. I am so satisfied with the product ❤️

I love it! It’s the most glossy 2:1 resin I have used. It’s exothermic reaction is so safe. Even when it gets thick it doesn’t burn the hands through the cup!